Sonlight School of Dance

"We dance because He lives. We dance because He lived and breathed, suffered and died, and rose again. We dance because He is coming back. We dance because He is in us, and all around us. We dance because we cannot help but to share the Light we have inside of us, so others may experience His grace, love, and freedom. We dance because we need to to feel somewhat at home in this corrupt earth. Until He comes, we dance. When He comes, we dance forever." 
Megan Davis

My good friend Megan recently realized her dream of creating a space for young girls to express themselves and glorify their creator through dance. Sonlight School of Dance exists to redeem dance for God by providing children and young adults the opportunity to glorify Him through dance technique and creative expression. Through integrative and challenging classes in ballet and jazz, Sonlight seeks to stimulate holistic development.

It's long been a dream of mine to try to capture the graceful lines, movements, and strength of dance through photography, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Megan and her young dancers on this project.