from the river in the valley

one year ago today, when we made our vows under the trees.

hearts full of gratitude to David Fiser for creating this film.

We created a new family and with that chose to create a new last name, Vail, which in Old France signified one who resided near “the river in the valley.” From the river in the valley comes new life. It blooms from sorrow and pain, and it grows knowing full well the violent, delicate dance of joy and grief. For in the valley, light is obscured and we can only trust that the water which sustains us will continue moving through the night. Down in the valley, we believe the words, “though much is taken, much abides.” Between this world and the next lies a veil that, in rare moments, stretches thin, revealing that which lives just out of sight. These “thin veil” moments are ones of glory, of revelation. Moments marked by a quick intake of breath and the heart hurling forward. Moments that take us out of time and into stillness. The veil reminds us that the physical world is not the only one we experience; there is an invisible world of spirit hanging just above.